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Lowndes County Schools is a registered participant in the federal work authorization program commonly known as E-Verify. Lowndes County Schools uses the program to verify employment eligibility of all new employees after the Employment Eligibility Verification Form (Form I-9) has been completed. E-Verify is a registered trademark of the Department of Homeland Security.
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Date of Authorization: October 7, 2007

CURRENT EMPLOYEES of Lowndes County Schools are NOT required to complete a new on-line employment application. Current employees only need to send an email of interest to Sharen Watkins at www.sharenwatkins@lowndes.k12.ga.us and attach a current resume to the email.
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Important message from Lowndes County (Georgia) Board of Education Please be sure that you select the correct application type; Certified or Classified. The applications are different. Failure to complete the appropriate application may result in your application not being considered. Therefore, it is very important that you select and complete the correct type of application. Also, you must "POST" for the specific vacancy to be considered, and not just a general category for employment consideration.

Positions are posted when vacancies exist or when vacancies may be anticipated. Lowndes County Schools accepts applications for ALL positions (including substitutes) even when a specific vacancy is not posted. In this case you can select a general category; however, you must subsequently post for a specific position when the specific position appears as a current vacancy to be considered for the position.
Apply for open positions in just four easy steps! (View current vacancies)
Create an account. Click on the "Create New Account" link below. Answer a few questions and you are off and running.
Enter information. Lowndes County Schools has selected questions in several categories. Questions that require an answer are displayed in color. You'll know each category is complete when a green check mark appears.
Post for positions. When all categories of the application have a green check mark, select from those positions for which the school system is accepting applications.
Check your email. If you like, we will email you when a position that matches your preferences is added to the School Jobs Portal. Simply come back and indicate those positions for which you wish to be considered.

Application checklist
Click here for a checklist of information that may be requested on the application.
You are encouraged to have this information handy before starting.

Free* utilities for applicants

Internet Explorer spell checker (currently for IE browser only; *donations accepted)

Free "Micorosft Live (MSN Hotmail)" email account (all applicants are requested to have a valid email address)

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District questions to:
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Lowndes County Board of Education does not discriminate against
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